President’s Message

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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President’s Message

January 5, 2021
From: Irma F. Dillard Rogers
Board President
To: The MLK-CDC Board & Membership

Stepping into a new decade reminds me that 2020 is hindsight, thus I take this opportunity to update the membership on our achievements during the past year. The Martin Luther King – Community Development Corporation continues to exemplify itself as a very worthwhile organization, with positive partnerships and alliances throughout the city and parish. While 2020 might seem like a lock down year for many organizations, the MLK-CDC was able to complete several of its annual programs and adjust others in a timely manner. While senior socialization was adjusted due to COVID-19. Monthly and yearly events still include such programs as:

  • Crime Statistics reports, on a monthly basis, with a few Property Standards reports, to inform the citizenry of our low crime rate for the area’s size and number of people.
  • Representation for the community at MPC, City Council and Parish meetings.
  • After the onset of the pandemic in March the organization supplied our senior citizens, in April with reusable face masks to assist with doctor visits, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Enhanced tutoring projects have been expanded to include Spring & Fall Sessions for the last few years, with a special target on Bridge books due to the Pandemic in 2020.
  • Supporting the 2020 Census by participating with the count while instructing senior citizens how to operate digital media.
  • Bicycle helmets were substituted for summer camps to meet the needs and alleviate injuries in the area to community children.
  • The Bridge books were purchased for 720 students with assistance from the community to assist in bridging the educational gap when school was closed due to the pandemic.
  • Back to school backpacks were still distributed utilizing a drive through format with over 300 backpacks distributed, assisted by loyal volunteers.
  • School uniforms are still a primary target for more than 12 years based on grant funds.
  • October featured our Fall Community Forum on Crime Prevention and Education- the Law & You – targeting gun violence in an outside format at Southern University. Annual Clean-up was also completed with the Green Oaks ROTC.
  • The organization hired the truck to deliver food boxes to the area for 5 weeks in October.
  • Monthly senior socialization programs were transformed into senior stabilization by providing pandemic kits to fight COVID-19 within our community as seniors are most vulnerable to this deadly disease. Stabilizing them for staying home or doctor visits.
  • Community outreach programs which included – Thanksgiving over 125 turkey baskets with cooked dinners going to the elderly and disabled.
  • Christmas outreach shopping for the underserved for more than 240 children in need of warm clothing along with 10 families in need of groceries. Also, partnering with the Hawg Riders to offer toys to those students who were listed as homeless for Christmas. Delivery assistance was given by members of Abduhl Temple #94 and members of the Shreveport MEPS for this event.

The Public Facility Building is offering many services to the community even during the pandemic. Thus, I offer the thanks and gratitude from the total organization to all supporters and partners as collaboration is always the key to community service. While 2021 may still present new challenges I am confident that by God’s grace and strength this organization will keep moving forward.


Irma D. Rogers
Board President

MLKCDC – Martin Luther King Community Development